Simpli’s Redesigned French Press

This easiest-to-clean brewing machine can handle all grind sizes

There’s a richness to French press coffee one doesn’t really find from a lot of other coffee makers. There’s also a general ease to brewing with one. It’s simple. It’s fast. But ultimately, it’s messy—with grounds needing a place to go and relentlessly clinging to the vessel. Clean-up has long been one of the biggest deterrents when committing to a French press—but after over two years of development, inventor Jenni Morse has a patent-pending solution. Simpli Press allows the grounds container to be lifted with the plunger, making clean-up as simple as tamping out the base. Further, Morse’s unique design even works with fine grounds (which decreases brewing time and allows for a fuller-taste), as the filter prevents all sediment from making its way into a cup. The glass and stainless steel construct also mean no plastics come in contact with the coffee. While these all seem like obvious solutions, there’s nothing on there that puts them all into play quite like the Simpli Press.

They’ve already reached their Kickstarter goal within hours of launching, but there’s plenty of time to still pick up a Simpli Press for $59.

Images courtesy of Simpli