Interview: Artist Ilona Szwarc on Her Upcoming Show “Virgin Soap”

Reversing gender roles, experimenting with silicone, exploring color and more in her new exhibition at Diane Rosenstein Gallery

Multidisciplinary artist Ilona Szwarc‘s upcoming show Virgin Soap is filled with various shades of green and cobalt blue, with scenes of Szwarc shaping a plaster mold on a model posed in a classical position, evocative of Titian’s “Venus of Urbino.” Szwarc—whose work exists in a world between photography, sculpture and performance—tells stories of transformation in off-kilter portraits and through self-portraiture. Showing parts of her process …

MIT’s New Color-Changing Ink, PhotoChromeleon

From MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory comes a product that could calm the nerves of fickle consumers. PhotoChromeleon is a high-tech ink that changes color through “reprogramming.” This means exposing the ink to UV light to activate or deactivate some of its components, which include “a scientific mix of cyan, magenta, and yellow photochromic dyes,” according to Fast Company. The sprayable ink can …

“An Atlas of Rare + Familiar Colour” (Special Edition)

Possessing more than 2500 of the world’s rarest and most spectacular pigments, The Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies at the Harvard Art Museums has an undeniably stunning collection of color. With 200 color illustrations, this special edition of “An Atlas of Rare + Familiar Colour” explores these pigments as artifacts—explaining their origins, compositions, uses and symbolism in a fascinating and visually striking hardback.