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MIT’s New Color-Changing Ink, PhotoChromeleon

From MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory comes a product that could calm the nerves of fickle consumers. PhotoChromeleon is a high-tech ink that changes color through “reprogramming.” This means exposing …

Variations Autour de La Longue Marche


This year, 86-year-old Argentine artist and social activist Julio Le Parc was the fourth person invited by Hermès Éditeur to bring his art to silk: vibrant stripes of colors loop, twist and …

Lasercut Prints


San Francisco architect and designer Molly McGrath uses a laser cutter to achieve her uniquely colorful, mosaic patterns, which are then printed on 100% cotton, acid-free paper using ethically sourced materials.

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Coffee Mug Matters

Coffee shops around the world may soon be rethinking the color of their cups. A recent study conducted by George Van Doorn of Federation University in Australia reveals that we may be …