Time in Color: Chrono Chroma

Dutch designer Jolene Carlier's latest work replaces numerical values of time with bright hues


The ubiquity of clocks on our phones, tablets and computers lessens the burden of pinpoint accuracy for wall clocks, opening up the door for more (sometimes purely) decorative, experimental design pieces. Taking full advantage of this shift is Jolene Carlier (a recent graduate from the Netherlands’ Design Academy Eindhoven) whose inventive and thoughtful objects evoke a sense of childlike wonder from users. Her latest creation, the Chrono Chroma, portrays time through color. Bright, graphic shades change according to the hour, representing time by way of portraying the sun and daylight.

A 24-hour cycle sees the inner rods turning smoothly—no ticking of the clock here. Instead, Carlier intended for the smooth, constant motion to reflect the way in which a day passes in real time. Sure to add color and intrigue to any room, the Chrono Chroma remains a design experiment at this time, though it shows promise in its outward simplicity while simultaneously encapsulating larger conceptual challenges.

To browse Carlier’s past projects—including a stargazing tent and popcorn-maker straight out of storybook—check out her portfolio online.

Images by Daantje Bons courtesy of Jolene Carlier