Customized Socks

For those who really miss their pets when on vacation (or even just at work for the day), DivvyUp offers a way to bring your dog, cat or bird with you everywhere you go by incorporating their pretty little faces onto a pair of custom socks. Their very cute, very kitsch personalized socks have an added feel-good factor too—with every pair purchased, a set is …

COOL HUNTING Omakase Solves the Holiday Shopping Conundrum

Yes, you need to think about the holidays in June

If you haven’t heard yet, we’re doing something ambitious this 2016 holiday season. COOL HUNTING Omakase is a materialization of the research and effort we put into our evergreen Gift Guide married with our coveted product collaborations and delivered as a surprise box. The Omakase box, now available for purchase, will be filled with a mix of never-seen-before, limited edition, not-yet-available or collaboratively designed items …

Customized Leather Retroflector Bag Tag

Shine a light on these seemingly plain black leather tags in the dark, and see it light up in response through retroflectors. Adding a bit of personalization to this functional accessory, Notcot will lasercut up to 10 characters of your choice on one side.