Fabricate your own custom CNC furniture with open source files from Filson and Rohrbacher


Expanding the idea of open-source projects into the realm of furniture, architecture, design and research firm Filson and Rohrbacher‘s AtFAB collection includes chairs, tables, desks and even bed frame plans with adjustable dimensions. To encourage the sharing of ideas the cut files are available for online for free, allowing anyone with access to a CNC router, laser cutter or water jet and a regular sheet material like plywood the power of creation. The open-source objects can be customized and downloaded, leaving you with a print-ready plan to assemble the piece without hardware.

AtFAB-2.jpg AtFAB-3.jpg

Each of the 13 objects is outlined in considerable detail, with a description of its overall design, requirements of assembly and even suggested structural limitations. Throughout the customization, even once the user has settled on their desired design, it’s still easy to adjust your needs. To help in this process, Filson and Rohrbacher offers an impressively simple platform online, giving the user the ability to adjust object dimensions, proportions and material width using an intuitive sliding scale.

AtFAB-4.jpg AtFAB-5.jpg

The next step for AtFAB is the implementation of even greater customization options, including surface shapes and even S/Z curve cut radius and angle degrees to accommodate a range of sheet materials and production machinery. This update is expected soon with the impending launch of the AtFAB app, and at this point, customization will only be limited by imagination.


If you love the idea but lack the resources to bring yours to fruition, Filson and Rohrbacher suggest teaming up with 100kgarages or Ponoko, two sites dedicated to helping creative individuals find workshops and community outlets for bringing these types of projects to life. For more information on AtFAB visit Filson and Rohrbacher.