COOL HUNTING Omakase Solves the Holiday Shopping Conundrum

Yes, you need to think about the holidays in June

If you haven’t heard yet, we’re doing something ambitious this 2016 holiday season. COOL HUNTING Omakase is a materialization of the research and effort we put into our evergreen Gift Guide married with our coveted product collaborations and delivered as a surprise box. The Omakase box, now available for purchase, will be filled with a mix of never-seen-before, limited edition, not-yet-available or collaboratively designed items exclusive to COOL HUNTING; it arrives in early November. You can spend months stress-free, taking the time to decide who to gift—or scheming to treat yourself to it all.

Why order now? This is our debut box and we’re setting the bar amazingly high. The essence of CH Omakase is getting thoughtful holiday shopping out of the way early and easily. Commissioning custom work from artists and designers who we love means a longer lead time, so they don’t freak out with the workload, too. And you can kill two holidays with one stone: buy one for Dad now and mention it in his Father’s Day card. He’ll get it for Xmas, and you’re officially the favorite child.

Priced at three different tiers—$1,000 / $10,000 / $100,000—each offering greater customization and exclusivity than the previous, COOL HUNTING Omakase is only available for purchase until August 1st. Learn more at

Image by Cool Hunting