Folding Chopstick Basket

Employing red and brown single use chopsticks, designer Bryan Parks has found an extended application for the traditionally disposable item: a folding basket. When open, the basin measures 13.5″ by 12″ with four inches of depth. After use, it folds flat. Of course there’s functional value here, but perhaps the conversation-starting uncommon design impresses us the most.

3D Bear

At 11 inches tall, Locknester’s 3D-printed, three dimensional bear puzzle doubles as an assembly game and design object. Each piece has been sanded, barrel tumbled, and top-coated yielding a smooth, shiny finish. It’s an intuitive process to assemble all five pieces, easy enough for the youngest builders—but the end result is a proud creature that looks rather refined.

Talbot + Yoon’s Eccentric Design Objects

"Goober" candles, bob lamps and a tile shelf system based on fungus

“We live in a tiny New York City apartment, as most people here do,” explains Mark Talbot, co-founder—along with Youngjin Yoon—of Talbot + Yoon. “A lot of our inspiration was in trying to find solutions that were elegant but decorative in limited space,” he continues. And while elegant makes for an apt descriptor of their design items and homewares, so does eccentric. All of the …