Talbot + Yoon’s Eccentric Design Objects

"Goober" candles, bob lamps and a tile shelf system based on fungus

“We live in a tiny New York City apartment, as most people here do,” explains Mark Talbot, co-founder—along with Youngjin Yoon—of Talbot + Yoon. “A lot of our inspiration was in trying to find solutions that were elegant but decorative in limited space,” he continues. And while elegant makes for an apt descriptor of their design items and homewares, so does eccentric. All of the objects in their catalogue are produced by them, one at a time. Many pieces employ simple geometries and take cues from nature, but there’s an uncommon creativity here that makes their work distinct. Across modular table centerpieces and ebonized oak tri bar stools, the brand infuses an architectural integrity into their vision.

All of Talbot + Yoon’s design items carry a balance of aesthetic playfulness and well-considered usability. Among our favorites, the Tile Fungus 3D shelving system (designed for an exhibition but currently not in production) is much prettier than the name might imply. Based upon the organic growth of fungus, the customizable shelves and interstitial tiles of varying colors can be placed upon a wall in mosaic fashion. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the larger ones being designed to hold smaller items. “Goober” pillar candles, also in an array of colors and scents, resemble charming, round little creatures. No two are the same. And the Bob Lamps of hand-cast concrete and recycled glass aggregate make use of simple geometries that result in something entirely unique.

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Images courtesy of Talbot + Yoon