Umbra Shift Home Design at A+R

A selection of creative design objects now available stateside for the first time

Umbra-Swift-brick-lamp-3.jpg Umbra-Swift-cup-lamp-4.jpg

For more than 30 years Toronto’s Umbra has held a significant presence in the homeware segment, though it’s their recently-established, contemporary design focused arm Umbra Shift that’s earned our attention this time. After being rolled out in the past few weeks in Hong Kong and Vancouver, the capsule collection has landed Stateside thanks to California-based design retailer A+R. The extension brand taps established, emerging and in-house designers to develop clever products that would possibly not be made under other circumstances. For example, Paul Leobach’s Cup Lamp cutely combines the two objects its name implies, and Albert Lee’s Spoon Clock is equally experimental. Regardless of its purpose, each design is beyond attractive.

Umbra-Swift-roll-bottle-opener-1.jpg Umbra-Swift-spoon-clock-2.jpg

All 15 of Umbra Shift’s latest designs are now available from A+R online and in-store with prices ranging from $30 for a solid bronze bottle opener to $250 for a woven stool.

Images courtesy of Umbra Shift