Heart Cards

Visual artist Ifeoma Orjiekwe’s heart-shaped faces adorn the exterior of these greeting cards from Heart n Soul, a visual arts company and non-profit that employs individuals with learning disabilities. Available in sets of two (in red or blue and orange), each card has a blank interior and comes with an envelope. Price is in Pounds.

Studio Visit: Multi-Disciplinary Artist Chella Man

Paintings, interactive art and more that explore disability, gender, race and sexuality in Industry City

Fluidity informs almost everything about Chella Man: his painting, performance and sculptural works and his identity as a deaf, trans-masculine, Jewish and Chinese artist. An actor, activist and model and former contributor to them and designer for Opening Ceremony, Man is a multi-hyphenate whose ever-growing list of titles further supports his practice of investigating the intersections between race, gender, disability and sexuality. Nowhere is this …

Sony’s First Accessible Game Controller

Project Leonardo, Sony’s first accessible game controller, is a customizable, first-party device for PlayStation. Developed thanks to input from members of the disabled community, the controller features a split design, enabling thumbstick repositioning, an ease of use without having to hold the device and flexible buttons. This means players exert less energy when moving between gears. The layout is also changeable, from the shapes and …