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Jubilant jazz, tantalizing Yoruba Tech Soul, experimental music and a farewell to Eddie Van Halen

Eli Fola: Midnight Fall Nigeria-born, NYC-based artist Eli Fola champions Yoruba Tech Soul—a genre that fuses “traditional Nigerian sounds, electronic, jazz, house and classical music”—through his self-produced music, saxophone performances, DJ sets and beyond. Most recently, he dropped Soundscape To Freedom, a five-track EP that comprises “soundscapes for a Black person living in America,” he explains. A groovy, hypnotic single, “Midnight Fall” embodies all of the …

Xavier Omär feat. Mereba: Like I Feel

The third single from R&B recording artist Xavier Omär’s forthcoming LP if You Feel (out 23 October on RCA Records), “Like I Feel” burns slowly. The D’Mile-produced beat offers a classic, percussion-driven foundation for Omär and Mereba (full name Marian Mereba) to flourish atop. Their vocals float in harmony: airy and breathy, but impactful. By the end, the two trade crescendos, circling in the instrumental …

Charlotte Day Wilson feat. Syd: Take Care of You

Talented Toronto-born vocalist Charlotte Day Wilson collaborates with The Internet founding member and vocalist Syd (aka Sydney Bennett) for the sultry “Take Care of You.” Syd adds an airy accent to Day Wilson’s deeper tones—which dip even lower on the distorted chorus. The track was released as the counterpart to “Summertime” and both were written and produced by Day Wilson.