Interview: Róisín Murphy

The pop vanguard on her new album and making club music during isolation

Cult favorite Róisín Murphy has been entrenched in dance music for 20 years, but avoids labels like “disco queen,” “electro-pop icon” and even “singer-songwriter.” The Irish artist is indeed all of the above, but those categories are also too simple. Known for conceptual looks, off-kilter shows and an almost performance art approach to pop, she has been known to call herself a “conceptor.” No matter …

Kraftwerk: Computer Love

Founding member of wildly influential German electronic band Kraftwerk, Florian Schneider has passed away at 73 years old. Along with Ralf Hütter, Schneider created an experimental act, Organisation, in the late ’60s and embraced electronic music—experimenting with instruments and sounds. Soon after, the duo started Kraftwerk, whose self-titled debut came out in 1971. While known for innovative sound (the band paved the way for all …

Satellite Mode: Click Now

With electro-rock incisions, NYC-based duo Satellite Mode (Jessica Carvo and Alex Mark) dissects our obsession with technology in their vibey new single “Click Now.” From their debut EP, Robots Vs. Party Girls (out this summer), the track’s chapters marry lyrical gravity to tight sonic layers. Carvo’s vocals bundle it all together nicely.