Oneohtrix Point Never feat. Elizabeth Fraser: Tales From The Trash Stratum

Oneohtrix Point Never (aka Daniel Lopatin) celebrates his ninth studio album, Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, with an extended version that features four new songs. One such track is a rework of “Tales From The Trash Stratum” for which the electronic producer teamed up with singer-songwriter Elizabeth Fraser—the vocalist for the iconic Scottish band, Cocteau Twins. Lopatin’s glitchy rework pairs beautifully with Fraser’s ethereal voice for a disjointed …

Casper Caan: Last Chance (Hot Chip Remix)

English synth-pop act Hot Chip has reworked NYC-based electronic artist Casper Caan’s debut single, “Last Chance.” The dance-floor-ready remix blossoms from a minimal but buoyant bop into an all-out party. Hot Chip says in a statement, “Something about the melody and Casper’s voice reminded us of New Order so they became an important reference for the remix. We really enjoyed making it!”

Interview: Róisín Murphy

The pop vanguard on her new album and making club music during isolation

Cult favorite Róisín Murphy has been entrenched in dance music for 20 years, but avoids labels like “disco queen,” “electro-pop icon” and even “singer-songwriter.” The Irish artist is indeed all of the above, but those categories are also too simple. Known for conceptual looks, off-kilter shows and an almost performance art approach to pop, she has been known to call herself a “conceptor.” No matter …