SAULT: Angel

SAULT—the UK-based group led by producer Inflo—has shared their latest surprise release “Angel,” a three-part, reggae-inflected piece that (apparently) features Jamaican artist Chronixx and British singer-songwriter Jack Peñate. It begins with a catchy riff and bass-heavy section before shifting to a piano-led ballad, a spoken-word, and ultimately transforming into the soft, acoustic closer.

NAKAYA: Fire Becomes Me

LA-based singer-songwriter NAKAYA returns with the stunning four-track EP Fire Becomes Me, a captivating collection that ranges from thoughtful R&B-infused folk (“Climbing Down”) to soulful electronic soundscapes (“Try”). Within, the artist deftly addresses love, identity, resilience and perseverance. “In alignment with my personal growth, Fire Becomes Me is a record that celebrates strength and perseverance,” NAKAYA tells CH. “There are songs that reference heartbreak—I have …

Nothing More To Say Vinyl

Beloved and talented musician, singer, producer and DJ, SOPHIE tragically passed away earlier this year, and now her debut album, Nothing More To Say (2013), is set for reissue on vinyl, and all proceeds will be donated to the Scottish Trans Alliance. Out via the Glasgow-formed, now London-based label Huntleys + Palmers, the short but radical record features vocals from Jaide Green. Price is in British Pounds.