NAKAYA: Fire Becomes Me

LA-based singer-songwriter NAKAYA returns with the stunning four-track EP Fire Becomes Me, a captivating collection that ranges from thoughtful R&B-infused folk (“Climbing Down”) to soulful electronic soundscapes (“Try”). Within, the artist deftly addresses love, identity, resilience and perseverance. “In alignment with my personal growth, Fire Becomes Me is a record that celebrates strength and perseverance,” NAKAYA tells CH. “There are songs that reference heartbreak—I have always written about heartbreak and continue to do so because it’s so visceral but I write to myself with a new gentleness that I couldn’t access in the past. I released my first EP, Out of Breath, in April of 2015—I love those songs from seven years ago, but I am glad to have evolved into a more complex individual, which I think the music mirrors as well.”