“A Refined Point of View” Honored by the Webby Awards

The organization has diligently documented online excellence for two decades

The Webby Awards have diligently documented excellence on the internet for two decades now, observing it expand and evolve. In their words, they’ve seen it grow “from a professional and academic tool to a ubiquitous communications platform to the universal medium for the most significant breakthroughs in consumer technology and culture at large.” COOL HUNTING won a Webby for our video series all the way …

A Refined Point of View: Ashley McKinney’s Boston

Driving between the historical and the contemporary in Massachusetts’ capital city

Presented in partnership with Land Rover

A hub of history, culture and academia, Boston is a beautiful city to explore—especially in the all-new 2020 Range Rover Evoque from Land Rover, whose sleek lines and curves appear striking upon cobblestones and next to centuries-old architecture. We hopped in the city-focused compact SUV with Boston local, graphic designer and passionate photographer, Ashley McKinney. Together we searched the city for enticing images at destinations …

A Refined Point of View: Philip Edsel’s Houston

We traverse the biggest city in Texas, unearthing treasures along the way

Presented in partnership with Land Rover

After a day driving around the largest city in Texas with photographer and director Philip Edsel, we find that in a dynamic driving environment like Houston the sophisticated, all-new 2020 Range Rover Evoque from Land Rover is more than pragmatic. “Refinement, to me, is about a strong message. Something that isn’t ambiguous,” Edsel tells us about a commonality between the compact luxury SUV and Houston …