A Refined Point of View: Nikk La’s San Francisco

We explore the West Coast metropolis that’s rich with inspiring details

Presented in partnership with Land Rover

Built for the city, Land Rover‘s all-new 2020 Range Rover Evoque is a refined, resilient compact SUV. But, as photographer Nikk La says, it can still handle obstacles that a Range Rover is known to tackle—which makes it perfect for his kind of work. We spent the day with him—from the ocean to the forest in the city of San Francisco—to see his perspective on the dynamic, inspiring city.

by Josh Rubin

Driving down California Street, which is one of La’s favorite places to shoot, the view of the Bay Bridge and cable cars offer a classic SF scene. “At the end, you have the Embarcadero, then you have the financial district, and it runs through Chinatown, so it’s a lot of neighborhoods on one street,” La tells us. “Once you see that street, you know that’s San Francisco.”

We take a wander through the city’s Chinatown neighborhood—one of both the oldest and largest in the world. The extremely photogenic area is another of La’s picks, where he enjoys hearing people chat, seeing them play mahjong and cards—all of which makes for naturally charming photos. “The smallest detail can make the photograph—one new element makes it a whole new picture that you haven’t seen before. Those are the things I take time to wait and look for,” he explains.

by Josh Rubin

Stopping by Sightglass Coffee offers an opportunity to see what we have shot so far. More than a coffee shop, Sightglass offers plenty of work space and a strong community-focused atmosphere. “It’s a creative hub,” La says, “And everybody is just there to make magic.”

Next we visit Stashed—La’s one-stop shop for apparel and accessories. Unlike any other store we know of in SF, Stashed (which is located in the historic Dogpatch neighborhood) offers a comprehensive selection of familiar favorites, as well as lesser-known emerging brands. Beyond the T-shirts and sneakers, Stashed also has a carefully picked collection of books on design, style and travel.

by Josh Rubin

At Dandelion Chocolate‘s new cafe/factory in the Mission District, the beloved company is evolving and growing the business, while also improving on their already high-quality products. Visitors can watch the chocolate-makers in action, and then try the remarkable treats in the casual cafe—or for an even more elevated experience, take a seat in the Bloom Salon.

by Josh Rubin

Perhaps the most special thing about SF is how surrounded by nature it is. From Twin Peaks (the city’s highest point) to Lombard Street and Presidio (where La got some of his most stunning images), we’re reminded how much San Francisco has to offer—and how important it is to get out and enjoy it. Surrounded by Eucalyptus trees, La says, “It feels like you’re in a different place. You’d never know you’re in a big city.”

The 2020 Range Rover Evoque is all about refinement—it’s entirely redesigned, but immediately recognizable. Check out A Refined Point of View for Nikk’s photos and more videos from the NYC stop on our tour of 10 American cities.