A Refined Point of View: Olivia Lopez + Mathieu Lebreton’s LA

From the historic theater district to sophisticated restaurants and iconic LA landmarks, we explore the city of dichotomies

Presented in partnership with Land Rover

From Malibu to Silverlake, Downtown to Hollywood, Los Angeles is a city of contrasts, but there’s charm and style to be found all over. For an aesthetically-focused, sophisticated driving city like LA, the all-new 2020 Range Rover Evoque from Land Rover is a logical choice. Refined, stylish and sleek, the car is perfect for exploring the magnetic city. The 2020 Evoque is an eye-catcher and, as design and travel writer Olivia Lopez says, “Design plays a huge role in choosing a car that most reflects your personality and identity. It’s the first thing people see and it’s one of the spaces you spend most of your time.” We spent the day with Lopez and her partner, Mathieu Lebreton—driving from downtown to Los Feliz and beyond.

by Josh Rubin

At the base of the hills, we take a wander through the gloriously decadent Villa Carlotta—a fantastic place for a photoshoot. Romantic structures like this are scattered around LA, dating back to the 1920s when Hollywood demanded French sets nearby, “They would construct these places that looked like castles,” Lopez says. “And Villa Carlotta is one of the most beautiful examples.”

by Josh Rubin

Back in the Evoque for 10 minutes, we head to Frank Lloyd Wright’s striking Hollyhock House (built for Aline Barnsdall between 1919 and 1921) on Hollywood Boulevard. The sublime example of California Modernism, the house, Lopez says, “Is one of those architectural sites in LA that’s hidden in plain view. It’s a really beautiful public space that offers panoramic views of Los Angeles.”

by Josh Rubin

In DTLA, we visit Orsa & Winston, which is helmed by chef/owner Josef Centeno and named for his two dogs. Lopez and Lebreton love this restaurant for its complex, sophisticated and refined approach to food—not only in terms of taste, but also texture, color and presentation.

by Josh Rubin

At ROW DTLA, a mixed-use urban feeling village set within a cluster of warehouses, we take a moment for a pottery class at Still Life Ceramics. As the name suggests, it’s an opportunity to slow down and focus on refining the finer details of a craft.

We end the day under the lights strung above the street at the corner of Fourth and Spring—one of Lopez’s favorite spots in DTLA—having crossed the Los Angeles River on the iconic 4th Street Bridge which offers a view of the city’s skyline and—as Lopez and Lebreton tell us—a feeling of really belonging to Los Angeles.

The 2020 Range Rover Evoque is all about refinement—it’s entirely redesigned, but immediately recognizable. Check out A Refined Point of View for Olivia’s photos and more videos from the LA stop on our tour of 10 American cities.