NYCxDESIGN 2022: Floral Artist Lutfi Janania’s Vitra Installation

A bounty of botanical sculptures alongside exquisite designer vases and more

Inside NYC’s Vitra Studio on Madison Avenue, floral artist Lutfi Janania has installed a spellbinding array of curious, colorful and organic botanical sculptures to align with the furniture and decor brand’s designer vases—including their Vase Découpage collection by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. A celebration of springtime and Vitra’s very own Flower Guide, the ephemeral exhibition is an official event in this year’s NYCxDESIGN festival. Amidst …

Blue Crush Flower

The founder of Cleveland-based Pattern Play Glass, Jordan Fine imbues joy and whimsy into her textured, color-forward glasswork. For her Blue Crush Flower, Fine sculpts one-of-a-kind pellucid green stems with blue petals, flecked with a mesmerizing pattern that evokes the marbled sunlight on the ocean floor. No two are alike—and the flowers range from eight to 11 inches in length.

Edible Flower Garden Kit

The Edible Flower Garden Kit from Plantgem comprises 15 young plants, representing five varieties: cream troika nasturtium, cats white viola, strawberry blonde marigold, black and white nigella and potomac lavender snapdragon. Capable of growing anywhere in the US, these flowers can be planted outside (after the last frost) where there’s decent sun and will be ready to bloom in the summer—when they can then be …