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Ambient instrumentals, flawless falsetto and more in music that defies genre

Fousheé: single af Along with her new song “single af,” Fousheé launched a break-up hotline (with real phone numbers to call) for individuals to share their best advice. Over a languid bass line, electric guitar and synths, Fousheé’s mellifluous vocals span the octaves. From her flawless falsetto to fast-paced delivery and meandering ad-libs, Fousheé blends contemporary elements with all the nostalgia of classic soul. Elan …

Elan Noon: Tricky Mother Nature

“Tricky Mother Nature,” a single from Canadian folk artist Elan Noon’s forthcoming album, Colour Story, indulges in just a touch of psychedelia while remaining subdued. Noon’s nonchalant vocals float atop unhurried percussion, guitar and keys. This combination creates a kind of twangy, mellow melancholy. “Look at me, I’m finally free of everything I’m supposed to be,” Noon (aka Keenan Mittag-Degala) croons.

Listen Up

Dizzying jazz, emotional indie-rock, tantalizing electronic music and more from the week

Yussef Dayes: Blackfriars “Blackfriars” by Yussef Dayes acts an introduction to the artist’s collection with Dutch apparel brand Patta and a new album on their label, Patta Soundsystem. The track, at just over two minutes, shows Dayes in his element. The innovative, East London-based jazz drummer crafts a dizzying, almost trance-like solo filled with ups, downs, intermittent stops and an infectious underlying rhythm. Here, it accompanies …