Anna Leone: Once

Swedish singer-songwriter Anna Leone returns with the tender “Once,” produced by Paul Butler. An ode to naivety, regret and ultimately acceptance, the enchanting folk song is accompanied by a video filmed in the Azores archipelago, Portugal. At once ethereal and grounded in nature, the dark, dreamy visuals come from “the idea of being stuck in your ways, going through the same patterns, but then choosing …

Listen Up

Ambient instrumentals, flawless falsetto and more in music that defies genre

Fousheé: single af Along with her new song “single af,” Fousheé launched a break-up hotline (with real phone numbers to call) for individuals to share their best advice. Over a languid bass line, electric guitar and synths, Fousheé’s mellifluous vocals span the octaves. From her flawless falsetto to fast-paced delivery and meandering ad-libs, Fousheé blends contemporary elements with all the nostalgia of classic soul. Elan …

Elan Noon: Tricky Mother Nature

“Tricky Mother Nature,” a single from Canadian folk artist Elan Noon’s forthcoming album, Colour Story, indulges in just a touch of psychedelia while remaining subdued. Noon’s nonchalant vocals float atop unhurried percussion, guitar and keys. This combination creates a kind of twangy, mellow melancholy. “Look at me, I’m finally free of everything I’m supposed to be,” Noon (aka Keenan Mittag-Degala) croons.