Introducing LEGO-Compatible Furniture

Italian design studio NINE has produced a storage furniture series called Stüda that’s covered in studs compatible with Lego bricks. Constructed from corian, the series features three different modular sizes and numerous colors. They’ll make their debut at Milan Design Week but the innumerable opportunities for customization will continue to manifest long after they’re available to consumers.

Best of Iceland’s 10th Anniversary DesignMarch

Now a mainstay at the global design festival circuit, Iceland’s DesignMarch makes for a gathering point of Nordic nations and a celebration of Icelandic vision. The three-day festival includes international DesignTalks at the iconic Harpa Concert Hall, live music, open studios and exhibitions. From shockingly beautiful tartan patterns to decorative objects and future-forward products for the home and body, Core77 documented dozens of highlights. Head …

Studio Visit: The Herman Miller Archive

We speak with Amy Auscherman about how looking back helps the brand move forward

On a recent visit to Herman Miller‘s headquarters we explored their impressive corporate archive. There we found many expected things like correspondence, old catalogs, sketches, swatches and rare pieces of furniture, along with unexpected treasures like shop floor-made templates for cutting wood pieces of modernist masterpieces and the negatives for the Eames‘ seminal 1977 film “Powers of Ten and the Relative Size of the Universe.” …