Legendary Camera Maker Leica Debuts Their First Mechanical Watch Collection

Made in Germany, the Leica L1 and L2 timepieces are powered by a manually-wound movement developed from scratch

Sought out for their pioneering photographic and optical advancements, Wetzlar, Germany-based Leica (a longtime CH favorite) now debuts their first-ever Leica Watch collection. Though it’s a categoric expansion that may be unexpected by some (who missed the announcement back in 2018), it still bears the brand’s signature command of precision and premium materials. And, as it has been designed by the German industrial designer professor Achim Heine (who’s …

The Recent East: A Novel

Through illuminating prose, Thomas Grattan masterfully chronicles the story of Beate Haas and her two children—as they grapple with the concepts of home, togetherness, personal identity and queerness—in his epic debut novel, The Recent East. Grattan’s distinct narrative voice brings these characters to life, across decades and under remarkable circumstances.

New Evidence Suggests Neanderthals Might Have Made Art

It’s a long-held belief that Neanderthals (extinct humans who existed some 2.6 million to 11,700 years ago) were “unable to express symbolism through art,” but a group of researchers have just found what they believe is art that dates back 51,000 years ago. The object—found in Germany’s “Unicorn Cave”—is a prehistoric deer’s toe bone that has lines carved into it. The purpose or meaning is …