Design Predictions for 2019

According to experts (from Microsoft, ADAY, Google, Ideo and more), design themes for next year will be more personal—in part as a backlash to people being “mere data points” in recent years. From products becoming more conscious and personalized to a shift away from “emotionally subdued design,” 2019 is looking to be a little more about humans. Read about the nine predictions at FastCo.

Google’s Pixel 3 Offers Photographic Breakthrough for Less

The new device takes camera phones to a new, mind-blowing level

For the first time in human history, an entire generation does not remember life before photographs could be taken at an exceptional level. We are now more attuned to the quality of photography, and more literate in what that means (and skilled in retouching) than ever before. Photographic literacy is a form of communication, and even the smallest children are adept. What’s about to happen …

Google’s Upgraded Suite is Home Technology at its Most Seamless

We discuss today's releases with Ivy Ross and Isabelle Olsson

At the 2018 “Made by Google” event, Google gave the world an official look at the roster of products they’ve been working on—solidifying the rumors spurred by leaks. The Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL ($799 and $899), Home Hub ($149), Pixel Slate ($599), Pixelbook 2 ($999), Pixel Stand ($79), Pixel Buds 2 ($159) and an updated Chromecast Ultra ($69) were all unveiled—broadening, and upgrading, …