How Horses Can Inform Autonomous Driving: An Interview With Daimler’s Futurists

Alexander Mankowsky, Sabine Engelhardt and their three ponies use equine instinct to communicate interactions between cars and people

Horses are likely not the first thing that come to mind when thinking about how people and autonomous vehicles will interact. They are, however, on the minds of Alex Mankowsky and Sabine Engelhardt, futurists at Daimler (the parent company of Mercedes-Benz). When they offered us the opportunity to spend an afternoon together along with Peepa, Point and Moritz, their three ponies, we eagerly agreed. One …

Hero7 HD Waterproof Camera

For all outdoor and underwater adventures, GoPro’s Hero7 HD camera is waterproof and built for steady footage—no matter the conditions. Controlled either by voice-recognition or touchscreen, this device can also take 15 photos per second, record crisp sound and more. Plus, with the app, you can automatically send footage and photos to your phone in a matter of moments.

Pakpod: a Versatile Tripod

Tiny, light, waterproof legs for your camera, GoPro or smartphone

There is a plentitude of desirable features at play within the new Pakpod tripod. Enough, in fact, that we feel comfortable calling it one of the most clever on the market for lightweight cameras, GoPros and smartphones. It’s durable—made from the same high-impact ABS material used in bike and ski helmets—and water- and freeze-proof, but it also weighs less than a pound. A patented, one-twist …