Qudos by Knog: A Prim and Powerful GoPro Light

Open up a new world of possibilities for nighttime shooting


GoPros have changed the way people shoot and share footage. Whether you’re strapping yourself up with weatherproof HD cameras for a powder day, looking for a new angle on a shoot, or just messing around with friends, the applications for the ubiquitous cams are near-limitless—that is, until darkness falls. For all the features packed into the cameras, a light isn’t one of them. Luckily the bike light and accessory designers at Melbourne, Australia-based Knog created the Qudos, a sleek high-powered light with multiple settings that cranks out a whopping 400-lumens. Weighing just 150 grams, the Qudos is designed to follow the contours of the camera with durability to match. Three settings allow for tailored intensity and angle of the beam, including a spotlight mode, ambient soft lighting and wide-angle medium intensity setting optimal for shooting sports.

The first of its kind to offer this level of intensity in a compact design, the Qudos light will be available in black or white starting at $120 AUD. For more information visit Knog online.

Image courtesy of Knog