Stratospheric Visuals from ODESZA

The electronic music duo launch their album into space and back with this new video premiere

Seattle-based electro outfit ODESZA has captivated critics and fans alike with their unique blend of chillwave synths and textured vocal sampling. Known for creating sonic landscapes with their layered sound, the duo partnered with German “near space” innovators Stratoxx to create stunning visuals for their new video. Premiering on CH, “Koto” sees 3D-printed renditions of the band’s logo lifted into the stratosphere for a satellite’s view of Earth. Onboard GoPros captured the launch, flight and eventual return to terra firma, while an airborne speaker blasted the band’s 2014 release In Return for the duration of the flight.

“We always use a weather balloon, a parachute and at least two GoPro cameras,” explains Stratoxx project coordinator Amira Hussein, “we also flew with a speaker and an iPod to play the whole album during that flight. Inside the carrier will always be one power pack and at least three GPS trackers to make sure we find the carrier after it spends two and a half hours in the stratosphere.” The final shot of the video sees a peaceful landing among the treetops, but it wasn’t necessarily part of the plan. “After using a slingshot we finally got it down and it was fine,” says Hussein with a laugh. “At least the album was still playing so we had some good entertainment in the forest.”

ODESZA is currently wrapping up the US leg of their tour. Check out their schedule for upcoming European and Australian shows.

Image courtesy of Stratoxx