Flip Record Display Shelves

Part storage and part decorative object, the Flip Record Display Shelves from Deep Cut create an illusion that your vinyl albums are floating. Show off your favorite records in these 100% hardwood shelves, which are handcrafted in the brand’s Minnesota workshop. Sturdy but sleek, they need no assembly and are ready to store up to 20 records right out of the box.

Tegu’s Future Set: Magnetron Solar Station

Whimsical magnet and hardwood building blocks in the brand's first themed set

Truly meant for children of all ages, Tegu’s range of hardwood toys equally encourage imagination and architectural exploration in adults who aren’t afraid to sit down and build something fun. Their newly released, first-ever themed line of magnetized building blocks, Future Set: Magnetron Solar System, includes an assortment of interstellar blocks, solar panels, multipurpose wheels and even a “charging plug.” As with their other products, …

BDDW Ping Pong Table

Designer Tyler Hays expands his Oddities collection with high-end, hardwood fun

Sponsored by The Macallan

Channeling the ethos of the legendary Dieter Rams, designer Jared Spool said, “Good design, when it’s done well, becomes invisible,” and though he is primarily concerned with the digital aspect as a UX engineer and expert, the maxim can certainly be expanded, in a sense, to the realm of furniture. It’s not that there’s anything “invisible” on the BDDW Ping Pong Table—to the contrary, the …