Wooden Bicycle Grips from Nisnas Industries

Built from hardwoods, brass and aluminum, a bike part and designed to improve with age and use


If you’re lucky, a solid commuter bike will last decades. A steel frame never goes out of style and a well-maintained machine can be passed down the next generation with few replaced parts. The sustainably minded team at Nisnas Industries is making sure there are even fewer parts to replace over time with their wooden bike grips, the Daily. An aircraft-grade aluminum is housed by a carefully crafted hardwood outer made of a choice of maple or mahogany. By press-fitting the two materials, the team at Nisnas avoids the need for glue or lock-rings that can reduce longevity and comfort. Meanwhile, brass fasteners provide a snug fit without leaving marks on handlebars. Based in Haifa, Israel, the Nisnas team partnered with a local surfboard shaper to create a community program to open their workshop to local Arab youth, where they can learn to work with wood and eventually shape their own board to surf in Haifa Bay. Proceeds from the Daily go to support this program.

Nisnas is currently funding the Daily on Kickstarter, where a pledge of $55 gets you a pair of maple or mahogany grips complete with brass fasteners.

Images courtesy of Nisnas Industries