Sonos Play:5

The new flagship from Sonos—Play:5—features six drivers, each with their own amp to provide big, rich and well-balanced sound. Like all Sonos speakers, the Play:5 streams music from any of your favorite sources and is controlled from a simple app on your phone or tablet. You can even pair two to create dedicated left and right channels.

L5 Remote

A new device and app turning the iPhone into a universal remote

First previewed back in January at CES and now finally available for purchase, the L5 Remote transforms iPhones or iPod Touches into all-in-one clickers for any home entertainment system, putting the end of playing hide-and-seek with remote controls in sight. Using a simple plug-in accessory and companion app, within minutes you can program your very own touch-screen remote to channel surf, play DVDs, record with …

Savant Home Automation Systems

A single device controlling everything from home theaters to lighting makes everyone the king of their castle

Savant seamlessly organizes the control of the many elements of a home—lighting, security, A/V, Internet, and even sprinklers—into one handy remote. The only Apple-based networking program like it on the market, Savant simplifies the many seemingly disparate aspects of living into one centralized system. From adjusting the heat in the living room while on vacation to checking the weather while watching TV, or simply turning …