Sonos ZonePlayer 90 and 120


Sonos is a company we've been following since they came on the scene a few years ago. They've made it incredibly easy to play music throughout your home wirelessly, and continue to outdo admirable competitors, like Apple's AirPort. The Sonos Controller (pictured above right) allows users to play songs from their computer's digital music library, satellite radio or elsewhere in any room of their choosing.


The newest additions to the Sonos line are a pair of ZonePlayers. The first is the ZonePlayer 90 (right), which can be connected to an existing stereo or home theater system and is accessed from the palm of your hand using the Controller. The other new release is the ZonePlayer 120 (above left), which provides the same functions as the ZP90, but comes with two Class-D, 55-watt speakers that can fill almost any room. It's the smallest, lightest, most powerful amplified unit in the Sonos collection and operates fan-less in an aluminum case, making it essentially silent. It can also be connected to speakers and stored on a shelf or in a closet to serve as a preamp. The new ZonePlayers cost $350 and $500, respectively, and both can be purchased along with the CR100 Controller for $1000 as part of new Sonos Bundle 150.

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