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Latest from Sonos: iPhone App, Free Pandora, Better Internet Radio

Sonos Bundle-150

Sonos, the premium wireless multi-room music solution, has just released some excellent new software features. With today's update (now version 2.7), Sonos owners can enjoy subscription cost-free, computer-free access to and Pandora personalized internet radio services. They've also added Sonos Radio which features streams from over 15,000 radio stations around the world.

Also released today is the Sonos iPhone application. Essentially replacing the need to use one of their controllers, the iPhone app includes all the features you need to find and play music in any or all of the rooms where you have Sonos. The app is a free download (iTunes link). Recognizing that it's useless without having the full set-up in your home, they've included a "learn about Sonos" video that can be played if the app is launched and doesn't see a system on the network. This is a clever indirect marketing tool because inevitably people will download the app without fully understanding what it's for.

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