Savant Home Automation Systems

A single device controlling everything from home theaters to lighting makes everyone the king of their castle


Savant seamlessly organizes the control of the many elements of a home—lighting, security, A/V, Internet, and even sprinklers—into one handy remote.

savant-intable.jpg savant-inwall.jpg

The only Apple-based networking program like it on the market, Savant simplifies the many seemingly disparate aspects of living into one centralized system. From adjusting the heat in the living room while on vacation to checking the weather while watching TV, or simply turning off lights all with a single clicker, the all-in-one solution allows for simple and near universal access.


With a variety of different touch-screens and remotes, as well as the capability to sync directly with iPhones, Savant customizes their gadgets around each individual household’s unique needs. With multiple tasks automated into one command—”Away” could turn off certain lights and shades, turn down heat, and activate security systems—intuitive interfaces make it dead-easy to navigate features.


One product, their TrueImage Control wireless touch panel, makes the experience particularly familiar by allowing for browsing through professionally-shot pictures of each room and controlling lighting, shades and other features by touching the image of it on the screen.


Other future-thinking features include the ability to turn any HD television into a portal for content stored on optional servers or anything (Hulu, YouTube, etc.) online. In addition to such high-tech convenience, Savant helps conserve energy by using motion sensors to switch off lights, closing blinds at midday, and regulating heating and cooling systems based on outdoor temperatures.

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Whether synchronizing just the heating and lights in a studio apartment or managing the multiple elements of a three-story brownstone, Savant effortlessly scales up or down—all thanks to the brand’s commitment to customer service.

Packages begin at about $5,000. Visit Savant’s site for a list of authorized dealers.