Samin Nosrat And Hrishikesh Hirway’s New Podcast, “Home Cooking”

Culinary tips, tales and tomfoolery from the experts

As many of us spend more time thinking about food, talking about food and cooking, we may discover that we don’t have deep skills or fully stocked pantries. Home Cooking, a timely new podcast, launches today and responds to listeners’ questions about what they can create using what they have in their kitchens. Chef and author Samin Nosrat (creator of Salt Fat Acid Heat) along with her friend, podcaster Hrishikesh Hirway (creator of Song Exploder, The West Wing Weekly and many others), bring buoyancy and humor to the subject with aplomb.

In the first episode “Bean There, Done That,” self-described “bean dork,” Nosrat and the always-punny Hirway share helpful tips, easy recipes and stories about beans and the gas (and humor) they can generate. They also speak with actor Josh Malina about making latkes, discuss which vegetables freeze best and how to use them, and Hirway shares his recipe for savory oats. You’ll definitely come away with some ideas and have a laugh along the way.

If you have questions you’d like Nosrat and Hirway to tackle, send a voice memo to or call +1 201-241-COOK (2665) to leave a message.

Images courtesy of Home Cooking