Ella Vos: I Know You Care

With “I Know You Care,” Ella Vos continues her string of beautiful, powerful electro-pop tracks. Once again, the LA-based songwriter and vocalist delivers sing-along lyrics of tremendous depth. Her highly anticipated debut album Words I Never Said, from which this song was drawn, will release 17 November.


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Syd: Fin Syd (member of The Internet and associate of Odd Future) never disappoints and her debut solo album Fin is sublime from beginning to end. From the slightly dark, bubbly “Body” to the sexy “Got Her Own,” the record smoothly slips from spacey to woozy and seductive—complemented by Syd’s effortlessly sultry vocals. With robotic sounds and synths blending with ’90s-tinged R&B influences, this entire …

Golden Hour: Goth Easter

Portland, Oregon DIY rock trio Golden Hour are celebrating the holiday weekend a little differently than most. In the music video for “Goth Easter” (off of their EP Don’t Be Cute), they host a fun-filled day for those clad head-to-toe in black; activities include the long-distance PBR toss and a good ol’ plastic egg hunt. It’s an awesome track as well—there are echoes of Karen …