Outline Baskets

NYC-based industrial designer Henry Julier’s Outline Baskets maximize their minimal design. Available in black, yellow or as a set of green and red, these wire baskets provide a useful way to store produce. Price reflects the bright, colorful duo.

A Vision for Inside and Outside from Rottet Collection at ICFF 2022

Architect and interior designer Lauren Rottet debuts kinetic furnishings at this year's fair

Among the halls of NYC’s Jacob Javits Center, the 2022 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (aka ICFF) portioned the sprawling space into microcosmic visions of design. There, architect and interior designer Lauren Rottet, co-founder of Rottet Studio, debuted an array of impressive furnishings in her eponymous Rottet Collection. Introduced in 2017, Rottet Collection began as a way to meet the designer’s need to furnish commissioned single-family residential and …

Stephen Henrich’s Infinity Bike Moves Without Wheels

Reimagining the concept of a bike, Stuttgart, Germany-based designer, robotics engineer and architect Stephen Henrich unveiled the Infinity Bike, an award-winning creation that replaces wheels with a large, caterpillar-like chain element that can fluidly switch between functions and is propelled by a central pinched structure, a crank over a short chain and an eight-speed gearbox. Henrich tells Mashable, “It’s a bicycle with a frame and …