Psychedelic Liberation Training Explores Decolonization Through Hallucinogens

Charlotte James' program aims to decolonize the self and dismantle ethnocentricity within the burgeoning industry

Throughout her first decade of participating in ceremonial psychedelic events, Charlotte James—former co-founder of the educational platform The Ancestor Project—remained one of very few people of color in attendance (if not the only). “The question started to rise more and more: why are there not more BIPOC people in this space, especially because a lot of these medicines come from our traditions?” she tells us. …

Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion: An Informative, Easy-To-Use Guide to Understanding Magic Mushrooms

Comprehensive and clear, the book Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion from drug policy journalist Michelle Janikian is a guide to planning safe, effective trips. From step-by-step instructions to advice on being there for others who are tripping and tips for microdosing, the concise resource elucidates some of the magic behind mushrooms.

Mojo’s Gummies Harness the Power of Microdosing for Everyday Use

The world's first legal microdose alternative now comes in a micro and macro form

While magic mushrooms do open a doorway to a psychedelic world, many people take them in order to enter the elusive flow state: a period of feeling present, creative, clear-headed and energized. This is commonly achieved through microdosing, but now there is a new way to feel these effects without psilocybin. Mojo, a product from Gwella (an organization dedicated to exploring mushrooms), is the world’s …