Gifts For Mushroom Enthusiasts

A comprehensive guide for all fungi-filled fantasies

Whether you’re into mushrooms for their psychedelic properties, health benefits, umami flavor profile or aesthetic proportions, there’s no doubt that these fungi (which are actually more similar to humans than plants) are fascinating. For anybody keen to eat, trip, admire, enshrine, grow, learn or read about these spore-bearing delights, we have rounded up some of our favorite mushroom-centric products.

John Cage: A Mycological Foray – Variations on Mushrooms

From independent publishing house Atelier Éditions, the two-volume monograph John Cage: A Mycological Foray ($55) explores the acclaimed (and often experimental) American composer and theorist’s fascination with mushrooms. As Cage famously proclaimed, “I have come to the conclusion that much can be learned about music by devoting oneself to the mushroom.” Limited to an edition of 75, the book features 20 unnumbered lithographs, diary entries and the first-ever full reproduction of Cage’s Mushroom Book, done in collaboration with illustrator Lois Long and botanist Alexander H Smith, in 1972.

DB 101 Bundle

DoubleBlind magazine tells stories through the lens of psychedelics, but they also offer two 101 courses: Using Psychedelics For Growth and their just-updated How to Grow Mushrooms. Both courses include plenty of information via video lessons, written materials, legality guides, guided meditations, playlists and access to live-assistance from experts. Additionally, there’s an ever-growing community to join. The aim is to educate in order to mitigate risk while opening minds—a sophisticated, thoughtful and science-backed approach to psychedelics. Both courses are currently available in the DB 101 Bundle ($170), but customers can purchase separately too.

Mushrooms Scarf

Measuring 35 by 35 inches (and available in cotton or silk), John Derian’s mushrooms scarf ($250) features more than two dozen illustrations of fungi—all in the East Village, NYC-based designer and decoupage artist’s signature style. The scarves were produced in collaboration with Tokyo-based brand Arts & Science and made in Japan.

grace Necklace

With various pieces available for all genders, designer Mark Armstrong Peddigrew-helmed jewelry brand Cartography’s “grace” necklace ($105) is particularly appealing. Featuring a bulbous half-inch brass mushroom pendant on a 24-inch silver chain, it’s a sweet ode to nature—and psilocybin.

Limited Edition “Mycology Monday” Print

Future Retrieval—the collaborative project of artists Guy Michael Davis and Katie Parker—contribute their limited edition print “Mycology Monday” ($350) to design gallery Fort Makers’ Dreamscapes sale. Half of the proceeds from sales will be donated to Henry Street Settlement Food Access Initiative, an emergency home delivery food pantry organized by Henry Street Settlement and Vision Urbana, which provides essential groceries for those facing food insecurity. The delightful fungi-focused artwork (available in a signed edition of 30) has been screen-printed on 290gsm coventry rag and measures 20 by 16 inches.

Magic Mushroom Mix

Your Super’s rich magic mushroom powder ($35) comprises six ingredients: cacao, chaga, ashwagandha, reishi, lucuma and cinnamon. Every component was sourced directly by the brand, through select purveyors in Peru, China and India. Together, they work to support and strengthen your immune system, and assist with stress management—whether you mix the powder into warm milk or water or add it to a smoothie. Inside each order there are 30 servings (one tablespoon each) and the mix is certified organic, non-GMO, plant-based and gluten-free.

Mushroom Earthenware Tureen

Available in two sizes, Bordallo Pinheiro’s beige and purple mushroom tureens ($83) find a balance between fairytale kitsch and sophistication. Hand-painted with a semi-lustrous glaze, the vessel can be used for almost anything as its cap-shaped lid removes entirely to reveal plenty of space inside. Whether in the kitchen, bedroom or dining area, these playful pieces look especially charming when paired together.

Limited Edition “UNBORN OBJECT_015” Print

Founded by designer and art director Alex Proba, NYC-based Studio Proba is a multi-pronged set-up. The online store offers blankets, throw pillows, face masks and prints—one being this majestic design from their Unborn Object category. Available in three different sizes, “UNBORN OBJECT_015” ($125) has been printed on 330gsm paper using archivable ink. Just 25 are available.

General Psychedelics V2 Hoodie

Made in LA from ring-spun 14-ounce heavyweight cotton, Mister Green’s General Psychedelics V2 hoodie ($120) playfully pays homage to a fictional entity—presumably where all the psilocybin research happens. The General Psychedelics Department logo (complete with cartoon-ish mushrooms) is screen-printed on the chest, and the brand’s logo is embroidered on the wrist.

Images courtesy of respective brands; hero image by Guy Michael Davis and Katie Parker, courtesy of Fort Makers