M.I.A.: The One

From acclaimed recording artist M.I.A.’s highly anticipated sixth studio album, MATA, the brief and brilliant new track “The One” sets inquisitive lyrics within a bright beat produced by Rex Kudo and T-Minus. “I guess it is just about sticking to what you are and the truth,” M.I.A. says in an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. “I think, at the end of the …

Baobab and Salted Nibs Chocolate Bar

Collaborating with PMIA (Proudly Made in Africa), MIA’s confectionary offerings are made entirely in African countries and benefit local communities. This bar in particular—which employs rich, dark chocolate and baobab powder (a superfood with numerous health benefits) from Madagascar—is slightly salty, but leaves a fresh, red fruit flavor behind. Price is in Pounds.


French rockers La Femme's hallucinatory music video, a triple threat from Baauer, G-Dragon and MIA and more new music

La Femme: Sphynx After their debut 2013 album Psycho Tropical Berlin, the trippy beach town rock band La Femme (hailing from Biarritz, France) is back to soundtrack our spring—or at least tonight’s post-dusk adventures. “Sphynx” has the distinct pulling, hypnotic tone of the previous album, and gets more introspective. Their NSFW video—La Femme’s Marlon Magnée co-directs—is a hallucinatory journey through gaping mouths, one after the …