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Bikini Kill: Rebel Girl

Bikini Kill, a new release from M.I.A., a playlist for pride and more in our recap of music we tweeted this week

The London-via-Sri Lanka female rapper is back with a high energy, club-ready new single and video with “Bring The Noize” in anticipation of her upcoming fourth album Matangi. Calling on longtime collaborator Switch and newcomer Surkin for beats, M.I.A.’s new track sounds like a culmination of her best efforts throughout her career with a contemporary UK house vibe. M.I.A.’s lyrics and visuals are no less controversial than before, taking shots at big banks and reminding us that “just ‘cause I’m a mom it don’t make me thick.” While “Bring The Noize” is enough to get our attention, the track’s visuals are equally interesting. An accomplished visual artist, M.I.A. draws heavily on religious imagery set inside a massive club. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases in anticipation of her new album, set to release this fall.


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