Isamaya Ffrench and Sam Thomas: Mantle

Atmospheric and haunting, “Mantle” by Isamaya Ffrench and Sam Thomas is an unsettling, breathtaking work. Written by London-based Ffrench (who is also a respected makeup artist and creator of wearable art) and composer, producer and session player, Thomas, it’s minimal, but expansive—with jittery percussion that adds to the mood. The song comes accompanied by an equally disquieting video.

Stockholm Design Week: The Archive Exhibition

Gloriously subtle and sophisticated objects made by Japanese and Danish designers

At this year’s Stockholm Design Week, Japanese studios Ariake and 2016/Arita collaborated with Danish design houses LE KLINT and Friends and Founders to present The Archive‘s exhibition—a standout and reflection of just how well their respective design aesthetics complement each other. The exhibition, curated by Hanna Nova Beatrice and styled by Annaleena Leino, was in the gorgeous Old National Archives (aka Gamla Riksarkivet) in Stockholm’s Old …

Listen Up

Acoustic, atmospheric, indie and more in this week's releases

Julia Holter: Words I Heard With “Words I Heard,” Julia Holter embarks upon an almost seven-minute-long vocal stroll through a landscape of strings. Even as the lyrics beg for salvation, the song’s dark depths yield beauty. All of this is emphasized through the Dicky Bahto-directed music video–a montage of dizzying switches between forest scenes and live performances. The track will appear on Aviary, out 26 October on …