Elise Sheehan Jewelry

With one-off craftsmanship and mismatched styling, these pieces have soul and a story to tell


While there could be something cute and quirky about walking out the door wearing a mismatched pair of socks, it’s generally a sign that you either woke up late or its laundry day. Melbourne-based jewelry designer Elise Sheehan, however, takes the idea of the mismatch and turns it instead into a stylish “je ne sais quoi.” While thematically similar, each pair of Sheehan’s earrings consists of two unique designs, bucking the trend of the traditional jewelry set, while maintaining all of its sophistication.


Sheehan makes all of her work by hand, often mixing metals with enamel, paint and ceramics, guaranteeing that each piece is at least slightly different than any other. Combined with her use of negative space and primitive patterns, Sheehan’s jewelry has the essence of something with a story to tell; her flat line and ladder earrings, for instance, seem like something discovered at an open air market in some remote village, while her black line and circle studs have the raw edge of repurposing debris from a metalsmith’s shop. Beyond earrings, Sheehan also makes rings, dishes and other decorative items, all with her signature enigmatic touch.

Elise Sheehan designs are available online from $38 to $230, with exclusive pieces available at Miramika and Monk House Design.

Images courtesy of Elise Sheehan