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KNIGHT CO’s Simple, Sophisticated Skincare

Minimal ingredients and a honed aesthetic combine for these unisex products

Founded by California-born Bryant Knight, skincare brand KNIGHT CO. creates products that are minimal in their ingredients as well as their design. With just three items in the range so far—a daily face wash, moisturizer and an exfoliator—everything is made in the USA with simplicity and sophistication in mind.

Impressively transparent, there is a full list of ingredients used on the brand’s website, and everything is natural and organic. There are no toxins, parabens, sulfates, artificial coloring or synthetic fragrances so users feel nourished and fresh without concern for longterm harmful effects—and it’s especially ideal for those who have sensitive skin. From aloe vera to apple, walnut and witch hazel, all elements are detailed with the benefits of each—medicinal qualities, anti-inflammatory properties, reducing sun damage, antiseptic, antifungal and more.

The daily face wash is a foaming gel that’s gentle enough to use twice per day while still detoxifying. With a lavender fragrance, it’s also calming. The organic seaweed extract means skin will feel clean but soft after use. The moisturizer’s main ingredients are organic aloe leaf juice (which boosts collagen production) and organic sunflower seed oil (which retains moisture in the skin) and the result is an oil-free look, while the feel is smooth. Finally, the exfoliator is made without plastic microbeads, making it better for you and the environment, and it scrubs away dead skin and dirt with particles of amber and walnut shells. Rather than feeling stripped, skin feels nourished, thanks to the balm-like texture of the product.

With their focus on minimalism, KNIGHT CO. eschews the superfluous—in its ingredients, methods and packaging—meaning just the essentials are included. The result is simple, but science-based, and therefore ultimately effective.

Images courtesy of KNIGHT CO.


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