Dracaena Fragrans Plant Mobile

Made from 100% brass, this gorgeous Dracaena Fragrans mobile is one plant you will never kill. Since the material will develop a patina as it ages, it can be hung somewhere warm and dry to slow the process—or the opposite to hasten it. Crafted in Portland, Oregon, it ships flat and needs no tools for assembly.

Mesh Mobile Ashtray


Help keep the earth nice and tidy with a mobile mesh ashtray from esteemed Tokyo brand Tsubota Pearl. Drop your roaches or butts in the lined pouch when puffing on the go.

Balloon 3 Mobile

Adding whimsy to any room, designer Christian Flensted’s “Balloon 3” mobile takes inspiration from the vibrant Montgolfieres of the 18th century and the modern hot air balloons of today. Constructed from cardboard, the colorful cut-outs enchant little ones and encourage them to reach for the skies. A plate depicting famous balloons from history is also included for a bit of education.