Rhino Rig

A modular, shoulder-mounted system for mobile filming


As filmmaking becomes more accessible, the need for equally accessible and mobile professional quality equipment is evident. While there are shooting systems available, few seem as comprehensive and innovative as the Rhino Rig, a modular system launched via Kickstarter just a day ago—which was fully funded in the first 11 hours—by Washington state-based Rhino Camera Gear. Designed to make filmmaking with DSLRs and professional cinema cameras more mobile, the shoulder-mounted rig secures the camera, allowing for significantly more stable and smoother filming.

Rhino-Rig-2.jpg Rhino-Rig-3.jpg

The four components—base kit, carbon fiber rail system, cage and customizable shoulder-rest—improve shooting on the move while eliminating the need for additional system or body-worn accessories. What really sets the Rhino Rig apart is the custom-fitting shoulder-rest. The conforming rest is made of nine individually articulating thermoplastic rubber pads that distribute weight equally across the shoulder, and features eight accessory mounts to keep everything within arm’s reach.


In short, as lead designer and company founder Kyle Hart told us, “the Rhino Rig is so modular it allows every filmmaker access to a professional quality rig that fits their style, their cameras, even their shoulder.” Although fully funded already, there’s still plenty of time to back the Rhino Rig on Kickstarter to secure one at a discounted price.

Images courtesy of Rhino Rig