Linha Combine Portable Table Set

Bamboo rounds stack up in an eco-friendly approach to picnics


Brazilian design company Bold announced this week Linha Combine, an all-in-one set for transporting family-style meals. During the presentation at Rio+Design, we were struck by the combination of sharp design, eco-consciousness and material innovation. Linha Combine features Bambootube, a fibrous material made from bamboo and rice husks, and the design looks to be riffing on the ubiquitous Indian dabbawala lunch tin. Cups, plates and bowls stack into a single column that is wrapped up and carried with a silicone net. Once you set up your spread, the silicone becomes a fashionable placemat.


The 25-piece set can be arranged however you like, and layers can be left out if unneeded. With 11 brilliant colors to choose from, we imagine Linha Combine would create quite a stir at your next picnic or potluck.

Images courtesy of Bold