“Flashcrash Unlimited” at the Widget Art Gallery

The latest solo exhibition in this virtual gallery room, accessible by phone

FlashCr_Unlimited.gifThe Widget Art Gallery (WAG) was created in 2009 by Rome-based new media artist Chiara Passa as a space to show art without any logistical restrictions: any time, anywhere, and for free. All you need to enter the virtual room is a mobile device and an internet connection—so you’re out of excuses not to visit. And due to the personal nature of our handheld devices, this might actually be the most intimate gallery experience you have yet. Every month Widget Art Gallery hosts a different solo exhibition, most of which have been site-specific GIF installations by artists like Anthony Antonellis.

The latest on view is another single work: a digital sculpture by London-based, Italian-born artist Fabio Lattanzi Antinori, who has found his passion in using data to investigate control and power of larger systems. Though “Flashcrash Unlimited” gives off the impression of a flickering fire, the looped animation is in fact a visual representation of the “last few minutes of the US stock exchange prior to the infamous flashcrash of 6 May 2010″—when $1 trillion of value was briefly erased from US stocks. The 2D pixelated artwork contrasts with the detailed, three-dimensional room of the WAG where it is displayed, emphasizing the disparity between the “flat world of Big Data and algorithmic trading” and its all too real repercussions.

“Flashcrash Unlimited” is on view at the Widget Art Gallery until 5 June 2015. It will then live in an online archive of past exhibitions.

via Rhizome

Image courtesy of Fabio Lattanzi Antinori and WAG