Premiere: Co/ntry’s “Living in a Body”

The Montreal band's eerie, eccentric new music video, art directed by yard666sale's Dane Richards

Through a series of mystical and frequently grotesque still life character studies, art director Dane Richards (founder of lifestyle brand yard666sale) conjures a lasting visual tale for fellow Montreal locals Co/ntry. The exploratory, art-punk band’s latest track, “Living in a Body,” traverses dark bass depths—guided forward by a saxophone, wisps of metaphysical lyrics and delicate vocals. Richards’ styling work, coupled with direction by Co/ntry’s David Whitten, imagines a universe unlike any other for the song. And while there’s plenty of mystique, and a light freak show edginess, it’s all rather enjoyable.

Co/ntry will release its second album, Cell Phone 1, through Montreal label Fantôme Records this April.

Images and video courtesy of Co/ntry