Bodywash: Follow

From Montreal-based dream-pop group Bodywash (aka Rosie Long Decter, Chris Steward, Rian Adamian, Ryan White and Tom Gould) comes “Follow,” a hazy tune about attempting to fix people and eventually letting them go. Singer-songwriter Long Decter wrote the visceral lyrics (“you pull apart so quickly / I would’ve wrapped your bones in lace”) after various catalysts, “a gig gone wrong; a run-in at a birthday party; a coat rack I was too lazy to put up. I wrote it during a period when I was realizing that a lot of my relationships were rooted in trying to ‘help’ or change people. Mostly, it’s about wanting to break that pattern, and to make peace with the fact that some people are better off apart.” With textured synths, languorous vocals and distorted, scuzzy guitar at its climax, “Follow” slowly burns over four minutes.