Tamara Gonzales and Andrea Bergart’s “Popsicle Puddle” Nail Wraps

Designed by Brooklyn-based artists, these accessories evoke a melting-hot NYC summer

by Chermelle D. Edwards For LA-based former Kickstarter project Scratch‘s summer release, the brand worked with two Brooklyn-based artists—Andrea Bergart and Tamara Gonzales—on a design aptly named “Popsicle Puddle.” The artists collaborated on each step of the graphic nail print, and the result is reminiscent of the oftentimes bold, colorful art covering various walls and fences in Bushwick (where the two Bergart and Gonzales became …

alfa.K + Camille Walala Nail Stickers

The London-based artist brings her colorful work to a miniature canvas in this beauty collaboration

Fresh, colorful nails are an easy way to update an everyday look into something a bit more exciting. French illustrator and graphic designer Anne-Claire Gambette’s nail sticker brand alfa.K offers plenty of unusual, fun hand decorations—like the sheer marble polish patches that make your nails look fashion shoot-worthy, or the “Fella” series that consists of comic book-style eyes, lips, bones and hands. Alfa.K was founded …

Nail Art Brush Kit

For the budding nail artist or DIY enthusiast, Sephora’s Nail Art Brush Kit is the complete package. The set comes with fan, flat and pointed brushes, a dotting tool and two fine-tip pens for easy, customizable nail art.