The Standard Gets Nailed

The hotel's publishing imprint presents a new book from Chicago-based artist Dzine


The Standard, positioning itself as a culture and lifestyle brand beyond its current roster of hotel properties, has once again succeeded in making an artful book under their publishing imprint, Standard Press. Following their first publication, “What Me Worry,” by artist Andrew Kuo, comes “Nailed,” by the edgy and multi-talented artist, Dzine.

The artist’s work typically revolves around themes of beauty, style, culture and fine art, but for this collaboration, he zeroes in on the concept he calls “Kustom Kulture.” Described in a press release as “the exploration of customization and personalization taken from ideas of subcultures,” the idea of Kustom Kulture and how it applies to the ornamentation of the body—more specifically, the underground nail art movement—became the topic of focus for Dzine’s new book.

d3.jpg d4.jpg

Dzine presented the “Imperial Nail Salon” as an exhibition at Salon 94 Freeman’s, showcasing highly ornamented nail pieces alongside part-time manicurists working as part of the project. The artist also set up a mobile nail salon in the front window of the New Museum, inviting visitors to come and “Get Nailed” with free artsy designs.


Essentially, the book recounts the most significant eras of nail adornment and document how trends in nail art have changed all around the world, while also featuring commissioned photography from working salons in various cities around the US, and the artist’s own creations. To celebrate the book’s release in December, Dzine will host a nail salon installation at The Standard Spa in Miami during Art Basel. “Nailed” is available exclusively through The Standard Shops from December, and in March will be distributed internationally by D.A.P. for $45.