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Nail Quills

Epistolary-inspired nail art puts a retro-futuristic twist on the traditional manicure


London’s legendary name in nails Mike Pocock created Nail Quills for Illamasqua, an over-the-top answer to nail art. The handmade press-ons seem born from some kind of fashion editorial fusing magic powers with a darkly futuristic vibe, also nodding to a bygone era of handwritten correspondence. While it’s technically an old-time motif, the talon-like shape makes for a fierce way to trick out a manicure for Halloween or any time you need a decadent Goth touch.


Nail Quills come in a set of two—one for each thumb—and are available for £35 via waiting list through Illamasqua online. For a more monstrous take on the concept, check out Pocock’s latest, the Toxic Claw.


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